Meet Our Therapy Horses


Our Buddy is sweet, kind, gentle and gorgeous! At 17+ hands tall, he is careful to watch over his children. Buddy is a 14 yr old American Saddlebred / Clydesdale cross who comes to us through Saddlebred Rescue from a generous and loving owner, Melissa Gaynor. Buddy and Melissa enjoyed a successful dressage and eventing career before joining our family at Victory Farm.

Windemere's Hush Money AKA Manly

Manly is an American Saddlebred who came to Victory Farm through rescue from slaughter. He was an Amish buggy horse saved by Team American Saddlebred. He has required a lot of rehab but continues to thrive in his new life at Victory Farm.


A stout red roan American Quarter Horse lovingly donated by Miss Quincy Clagg, daughter of volunteer & Board member Courtney Clagg. Roanie is solidly dependable, gentle and trustworthy.

Big Junior Brown AKA Junior

Big Junior Brown – affectionately called JuJu or Junior - is a tall chestnut American Saddlebred with ‘snowflakes’ over his body. He was loving donated by volunteer Elyse Moore when she left for college.


Rescued from the slaughter by Solitude Morgan Horse Rescue, he’s a sweet and gentle small Morgan horse. Micah’s color is bay with a star and snip on his face.


A Kentucky Mountain Saddlehorse, she is our only ‘gaited’ horse. She was rescued by the Kentucky Humane Society Equine Division. She was found running with a herd of feral horses which were trapped and starving due to flooding in Western Kentucky. She had a baby but lost it during this difficult time. She was weak and had multiple infections when rescued. With many hours of love and care, Bella is now healthy and doing great at Victory Farm!


Strawberry is a miniature MULE. She was owned, raised, trained and loved by the late Mr. Harvey Beaty (known as the THE MULE MAN around Gaston County). She joined our Victory Farm family in August of 2016. She drives and carries small riders. She is kind and gentle, perfect for small children who may be intimidated by large horses.

She's the foundation of our therapeutic driving program! 

Moonshadow AKA Shadow

Shadow is an American Quarter Horse who was lovingly donated by the Robert & Susan Moore family. He is just a big, cuddly teddybear! He is very patient, kind and willing to do any job. Shadow is a liver chestnut horse with a star on his forehead and 4 white legs.