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A True 501c3 Charity, Victory Farm relies on your donations to provide life changing services to kids and adults in our community. Your donation will support our horses, our riders, and go towards improving our facilities to serve more in need.

We can't do what we do without you and we are grateful for your support.

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Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to help those in need. Together, we can make a difference. Thank you!

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WHO'S HELPING VICTORY FARM? You - our community!

Speedway Children's Charities


Speedway Children's Charities have been avid supporters of our children for years.  In the past, they have provided the necessary equipment for our riders to be in horse shows and Special Olympics Equestrian. 

They have provided the carriage, horse and harness to add the Therapeutic Driving Program and adaptive equipment to support success. 

In 2018 they provided the funds to have an electric lift installed to safely move a rider or carriage driver from the wheelchair into the carriage or saddle! 



United Way of Gaston County


Residents, Employees & Employers 


Gaston County 

may choose to support Victory Farm in the United Way Annual Giving Program "Community Choice"

Write in that you want your payroll deduction to support Victory Farm and they'll take care of the paperwork! 

Your compassionate support will come directly to us. 

We are not supported BY the United Way, only by our Community's Choice! 

Thank you! 

Sweet Repeat Thrift Store


Sweet Repeat is a wonderful group of compassionate folk in Lake Wylie.

The Thrift Store is manned by volunteers who collect donated items from the community,  resell and provide local charities with the profits of their labors! 

Sweet Repeat has been important to the success of our programs. 

We deeply appreciate the efforts all of this fine group make in the community.

Thank you! 

River Hills / Lake Wylie Lions Club


Many thanks go out to our local Lions Organization for supporting our programs.  

Sponsoring a rider and providing grant income - they do great works in the community! 

Thank you,  Lions! 

Community Foundation of Gaston County


The Next Gen of the Community Foundation has held fundraisers for us, in addition to purchasing vital safety equipment for our riders and drivers!

Additionally,  The Community Foundation matches funds in the Community Run fundraiser which helps us pay our annual insurance premiums each year! 

What an amazing gift this organization is to the people of our community! 

Thank you Community Foundation and Next Gen! 

Carolina Farm Credit



Carolina Farm Credit grant provided the funds to purchase a horse trailer for Victory Farm.  This important piece of equipment allows us to transport our riders to horse shows, fundraisers, camps, etc!  

Thank you Carolina Farm Credit! 

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Parelli Foundation


The Parelli Foundation provided partial grant funding for two staffers to attend a special clinic for training and certification in Equine Facility Management.  

Thank You, Parelli Foundation!  We learned a lot!