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Josephine began riding with Victory Farm at the recommendation of her neurologist when she was 2 years old. Her neurologist told the family - who were afraid their child was too weak and small to ride a horse - that it was the only therapy he knew of which might strengthen her entire body, and it has! These past three years, therapeutic riding has helped increase Jo Jo's core strength, her control of her head and neck, her ability to use her hands and fingers, and has even helped her learn to talk. She has surpassed all goals set by Occupational Therapist! Today she is a happy and curious five-year-old capable of holding her arms up to hold her reins, gripping the brush to groom her horse and opening her little fingers wide to stroke her horse's (Buddy) face. Her improvement is inspiring!

Josephine is still under the watchful care of a back rider to give her the physical support she needs to experience the healing power of the horse’s movement. While her body is still too weak to sit on her own, her mind and curiosity for the world are bright! Her cognitive function tests show her intelligent well beyond her young years. She loves riding out to explore! Victory Farm gives her freedom from medical offices and a place to explore on strong legs, love her horse and be outside— all while giving the therapy she needs to grow strong and able. 

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Dory Pell, Program Director
Certified Instructor