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Windemere's Hush Money (aka "Manly")

American Saddlebred

Manly was rescued from going to slaughter by TAS/Team American Saddlebreds, Inc. (  He is a big, strong, loving, kind, intelligent creature.  He was thrown away,  starved and abused when TAS saved him.  It's been a long road to complete health mentally and physcially,  however he is fully recovered and a most grateful, dedicated, trusting horse.  He loves his riders and all the loving attention he gets at Victory Farm.       

Victory Farm strives to use Rescued Horses through Saddlebred Rescue and other organizations currently rescuing these beautiful creatures from potential slaughter through the broker yard in New Holland, PA. I regret that we have no prior "career" pictures of Manly. Being saved from the killbroker, there is no history except what they've "told" us. He had "road shoes" on, so we assume he was an Amish buggy horse. He had no experience under saddle, but is intelligent, willing and full of heart! 
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Dory Pell, Program Director
Certified Instructor